Taxi Industry Strikes Back At Uber

 By Buddy Nevins,, Special to, July 23, 2015 – The taxi industry has fired back at Uber.

In a stinging television ad being broadcast on television stations in Palm Beach County, the Florida Taxicab Association, in conjunction with the Florida Limousine Association, hits out at Uber’s refusal to require its drivers to be fingerprinted.

The ad features television broadcasts highlighting one Uber driver who attacked his passenger with a hammer, another who sexually assaulted a woman and a third who was an ISIS supporter.

Palm Beach County mandate that Uber drivers be fingerprinted.   Broward, Hillsboro and Orange Counties have similar regulations.

It is not known if the ad will reach the Miami television market, which covers Broward County.

Here is the script for the ad, called “Uber vs. You”:

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