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‘Super Fruit’ Blueberry: 20 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Blueberries

super fruit

There’s fruit, and then there’s super fruit.

Blueberries are one of those super fruits. Rich in antioxidants, high in vitamins and minerals, and, most importantly, low in calories. Blueberries are one of nature’s delicious and nutritious gifts.

Add more of this super fruit to your diet, and you will notice the difference in your body and your mind.

Blueberries are most healthy when they are eaten uncooked with no added sugar. You will extract the most nutrients from blueberries if you eat them raw, like in a smoothie, salad, or simply on their own.

The following article will outline the health and nutritional benefits of blueberries—how they can be used to remedy everyday health problems, the two most common types of blueberries, and even, though rare, some risks associated with blueberry consumption.


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