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Sunburn — The Morning Read Of What’s Hot In Florida Politics — 5.6.21

Charlie Crist takes the show on the road to North Florida. Image via Twitter.

  By Peter Schorsch    

Let’s start the morning with some great news about two really good people:

Aly is a vice president of Accounts with On3PR, while Omar is deputy chief of staff to Speaker Chris Sprowls.


Faith Based Events

@NickConfessore: The fact that this private corporate administrative decision is being covered as something akin to a Supreme Court ruling — rightly so, I think — is the best illustration I can imagine of the sheer power Facebook has achieved over the public square

@BostonJoan: Imagine spending millions to offload blame only to have it returned like a bill lost in the mail, which is now overdue.

@JakeTapper: Plenty of arguments to make about Facebook’s decisions, but this now-common response of “I don’t like what this private company did, so our public officials should use their government powers to punish them” is an interesting philosophical development

@FrankPalloneDonald Trump has played a big role in helping Facebook spread disinformation, but whether he’s on the platform or not, Facebook and other social media platforms with the same business model will find ways to highlight divisive content to drive advertising revenues.

@KimberlyEAtkins: Florida man who incited an insurrection gets banned from social media and then starts a blog which is endlessly quoted by others on social media.

@DaveJorgenson: Whatever happens, this is definitely going to be the climactic moment in ‘The Social Network 2’

@SenPizzo: Everybody keeps saying it was a bad Legislative Session, and it was … but just think, we all could’ve driven home on Donald J. Trump Highway.

@ChipLaMarca: This is so disappointing. To think that there is a “teacher” who would treat a servant of the public, and a first responder like this is just sad. It goes without saying that without men/women who wear the uniform, and protect and serve, we are in grave danger as a country.


Mother’s Day — 3; Florida Chamber Safety Council’s inaugural Southeastern Leadership Conference on Safety, Health and Sustainability — 4; Gambling Compact Special Session begins — 11; ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ rescheduled premiere — 22; ‘Tax Freedom Holiday’ begins — 22; Memorial Day — 25; Florida TaxWatch Spring Meeting and PLA Awards — 28; ‘Loki’ premieres on Disney+ — 36; Father’s Day — 45; F9 premieres in the U.S. — 50; ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ rescheduled premiere — 57; 4th of July — 59; ‘Black Widow’ rescheduled premiere — 64; MLB All-Star Game — 68; new start date for 2021 Olympics — 78; second season of ‘Ted Lasso’ premieres on Apple+ — 78; The NBA Draft — 84; ‘Jungle Cruise’ premieres — 86; ‘The Suicide Squad’ premieres — 92; St. Petersburg Primary Election — 110; Disney’s ‘Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings’ premieres — 120; ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ premieres (rescheduled) — 141; ‘Dune’ premieres — 148; MLB regular season ends — 150; ‘No Time to Die’ premieres (rescheduled) — 156; World Series Game 1 — 173; Florida’s 20th Congressional District primary — 180; St. Petersburg Municipal Elections — 180; Disney’s ‘Eternals’ premieres — 183; San Diego Comic-Con begins — 204; Steven Spielberg’s ‘West Side Story’ premieres — 218; ‘Spider-Man Far From Home’ sequel premieres — 225; Florida’s 20th Congressional District election — 250; Super Bowl LVI — 283; ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ premieres — 323; ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ premieres — 365; “Black Panther 2” premieres — 428; ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ sequel premieres — 519; “Captain Marvel 2” premieres — 554.

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