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Successful Healthcare Marketing Strategies to Try In 2021


The medical services industry is huge and you will not survive without a marketing strategy. All businesses want to be at the top, that is why your medical center has to fight for its place under the sun.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the marketing steps:

No need to say that a website is an inevitable part of the healthcare marketing plan, as it is one of the most important sales channels for medical or any other services. Of course, creating the website is a long and expensive process that should be made by a professional team. If it won’t be SEO optimized, you will never get to the top in the search engines.

The mobile audience is growing constantly and smoothly overtaking the desktop one. Mobile traffic is converting, so it is important that the site is easy to use from smartphones and tablets. If a person does not receive the information he needs, for example, from the phone, probably he will not continue to search for it from the computer.

Medical services are classified as long-term. This means that the client takes a long time to make a purchase decision. For example, our client has back pain. On the way to work, he reads in the browser from the phone, what is the possible cause of the pain, he is looking for a suitable clinic where he can get help.

At this moment, he finds your site, looks at the necessary information and postpones the doctor’s trip until later. Then his back reminds him of itself during the working day, and our client comes to your site from a stationary computer. After he studies everything, looks at the services and prices, he can make an appointment.

And an equally important function follows from here – the possibility of an online appointment with a doctor with a mobile version. Leave the appointment field so that a person can choose a convenient date, time and specialist as soon as they visit your website.

Promote the doctors of your clinic. Clients need to know what good people are working for you. You need to work on the reputation of medical professionals on the network and allocate them a separate section on the website.

The published information about the doctors increases the patient’s confidence both in the individual specialist and in the clinic as a whole. You can collect reviews of doctors and publish them on the website, post their works, create a section “Consultation with a specialist”, etc.

Don’t forget to mention the innovators who work at your healthcare institution and their input. According to Dr. Simon Stertzer, any field needs innovators to survive, but when it comes to healthcare we all need those innovations for our health and survival.

If you use contextual ads, add some pictures and videos. They will fulfill the main goal – to attract the user’s attention. Graphic information will optimize existing ads and increase coverage.

Use video bumpers. These short videos show the client his medical center in such a way that he will remember it. In addition, in these videos you can also place any important information, for example, tell about promotions.

Your clients are people who are close to your clinic. Why would they go to the other side of the city if your center is nearby?