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Stressed About Time? Stop Thinking You’ll Have More Next Week (Video)

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Think you’ll have more time to get things done next week? Think again. Buzz60’s Holly Morgan has more.

It happens to me more often than I care to admit. I check my calendar for the following workday and see a call I scheduled weeks ago, when I was busy and overwhelmed and couldn’t take on any new assignments.

The only issue? Right now I am also busy and overwhelmed and can’t reasonably take on any new assignments. I’d assumed that, by now, things would have slowed down. I was mistaken.

Apparently, and somewhat hearteningly, I’m not the only victim of this delusion. Reading an article in the Harvard Business Review by Harvard Business School professor Ashley Whillans, I came across the term “future time slack.”

It’s the belief that you’ll have more time in the future than you do in the present. That’s why so many of us are inclined to postpone commitments for weeks or months, when we assume we’ll have more leeway in our schedules.

One way to reduce the influence of this belief is simply to ask yourself, “Will I have more time next week than I do today?” and to really think about the answer.

Business Insider, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Feb. 4, 2019

Video by Buzz60/Holly Morgan