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Steve Tested The 2022 Pathfinder – He Wanted To Keep It!

When the Pathfinder was last redesigned in 2013, SUVs were trending decidedly more car-like and that upset some Nissan loyalists who felt like their beloved Pathfinder had lost some of its edge.

But now with this all-new 5th generation model, adventure is back on the menu. My time behind the wheel has been limited but Nissan has done this cabin right and based upon everything I’ve seen they’ve got themselves a legitimate contender.

It’s more family-friendly and the interior dimensions have been tweaked in all the right ways with more cargo room, a wider 3rd row, and seating for up to 8. And hey, it has wireless CarPlay so you know I’m good with the tech.

Pricing, including destination, ranges between $34,560 for a base Pathfinder S 2WD to $49,240 for a 4WD Platinum. Telluride, Highlander and Explorer now have some tougher competition. The new Pathfinder lands in showrooms early this summer.

By TestDriveNow Auto Critic Steve Hammes for SouthFloridaReporter.comJune 10, 2021

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