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Steve Says This Jaguar F-PACE SVR Is “A Crazy Fast SUV”

  This is the only Jaguar that sells in an appreciable number.  Not this super high-performing SVR (Special Vehicle Rating) trim, mind you, which sits here at over $97,000 but the F-PACE in general which resides in the popular mid-size SUV segment and starts at a relatively attainable $51,145 including destination.

And just like every gas-powered vehicle in Jaguar’s current lineup, it’s only here for 4 more years as the full electrification of the brand begins in 2025.  So if you’ve got lots of money, may I suggest you tuck one of these away while it’s still available because nothing beats a Jag with a supercharged V8.

The stance, the color, the wheels, the sound – this is Jaguar at its modern best exceeding expectations as to what a crazy fast SUV can be.  Even if a sport-ute that can cut down 60mph in a mere 3.8 seconds isn’t really your thing, I promise just one drive of the F-PACE SVR can go a long way to changing your mind.

The drive is 550 horsepower of supercharged awesomeness with bellowing pipes and neck-snapping acceleration and despite the 4,500 pounds it has to manage the handling and steering feel is impeccable for an SUV.  This is truly a great drive; the kind you crave to do again and again.

And the balance here between ride comfort and its dynamic characteristics is spot on.  So there really isn’t anything I would change here about the driving experience.  Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations has gotten this exactly right and it’s cheaper and faster than the comparable Range Rover Sport.  So get it before it’s gone.

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By TestDriveNow Car Critic Steve Hammes for SouthFloridaReporter.comNov. 18, 2021

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