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Steve Says The BRZ Is Still Singularly Purposed – But Way Better

2022 Subaru BRZ

  The BRZ is a forthright, rear-wheel-drive sports car – the kind that’s pictured on the endangered species list, 6-speed manual and all.  It sits knee-high to a grasshopper, weighs less than a battery from a Hummer EV and doesn’t require a trust fund to acquire.  Priced from under $30,000 the BRZ is the kind of car every frugal-minded driving enthusiast would love to have in their stable.

I’m not sure you’d want it as your only ride but for those special times when you’re driving not just to get somewhere but rather for the drive itself, the BRZ is a very satisfying choice.

What you need to know is that this BRZ is a major step forward.  The central tenets of the car are the same but this one’s just a lot better.  How so?  Unlike the previous BRZ, this one actually feels fast and that’s huge because the old car certainly did not.

And then there’s the cabin – a complete afterthought before – this BRZ presents as an uncomplicated but not bargain basement. For $30 grand this is as pure as driving excitement gets – the anti-crossover SUV if you will.  Its purpose is still singular, just taken to the next level of appeal.

Including destination the MSRP of this car is $31,455.  It doesn’t look like much and that’s perhaps the BRZ’s biggest letdown – I could use some more visual pop for sure – but this is a darn good car for people who still care about driving.

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By TestDriveNow Car Critic Steve Hammes for SouthFloridaReporter.comDec. 6, 2021

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