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Steve Explains Why He Prefers The Land Rover Defender For Off-Road Adventures

2021 Land Rover Defender 90

 While everyone continues to go goo-goo gaga over the elusive Ford Bronco I, myself, would take a Defender any day of the week.  Check their resumes and you’ll find the off-road metrics to be very similar.  But this Defender is exponentially more polished and prestigious; satisfying on multiple levels, both on- and off-road.  And this is the Defender the hardcore 4X4 crowd most desires.

Pricing for the newly offered base 2022 Defender 90 starts at $49,050 including destination – erasing the previous model year’s premium over the 4-door model.  It’s 17” shorter so changing directions in a tight spot is child’s play; the turning circle is reduced by 5’ as compared to that of the 110.  The shrunken wheelbase also improves the ramp breakover angle by 3 degrees.  Otherwise off-road dimensions between the 2-door and 4-door models are nearly identical.   
If you’re truly going to use your Defender for frequent off-roading then this shorter 90 model will hold the greatest appeal because it’s easier to maneuver and has a higher breakover angle so you’d be less likely to get high-centered.  But there are also a lot of tradeoffs to choosing the 2-door with the obvious one being access to the rear seats.
This 2021 First Edition has none of them which makes it feel a little plain, with the only options being a tow hitch receiver and the off-road tires.
The MSRP of this one is $66,475 which means very little because it’s sold out.  So for the 2022 model year there are 8 Defender 90 trims ranging from just under $50,000 all the way to a V8-powered Carpathian Edition for more than twice that.
With its toy-like looks, supreme drivability and off-road awesomeness, the Defender 90 is as solid as it gets.

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By TestDriveNow Car Critic Steve Hammes for SouthFloridaReporter.com, Dec. 14, 2021

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