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Stay Smiling with the Right Dentist


Dentistry as a whole is not a subject many of us relish thinking about. The word summons all kinds of unfortunate feelings of anxiety. When we neglect our teeth, the only person we have to blame is ourselves and by the time the rot sets in, it’s too late to start brushing.

Despite the discomfort that the idea conjurers, a trip to the dentist is far better than the alternative.

1. Finding the right dentist for you.

Having someone rooting around in your mouth while you’re laying on your back, gazing up at the ceiling is a personal thing.  Ask your family and friends about their experiences, get the name of a practice that sounds as if they treated your loved ones well, and go from there.

2. Check the finer details

If you’ve decided on the dentist that you think would best suit your needs, or you’ve been given a recommendation, the first thing you should do if it’s a concern for you is to phone and check about how they will handle insurance claims. If this is something that you think you might have issues with, then it’s a good to rule out a dentist or a practice if it’s going to get in the way, before you become focused on whether or not it’s the right dentist for you.

The second thing that it’s worth investigating is whether they are a part of any professional organization in your area. Do a little bit of preliminary investigations about whether or not there is a governing body with standards for care and work for performed and whether or not the dentist or practice in question has membership or recognition from it.

3. Do some research

A lot of the time, the reality of a worrying situation is far different than how you imagine it to be, especially if that situation has been preying on your mind for a while. Consider taking a small trip to the dental office to see what kind of place it is. Seeing that the practice you will soon be inside is a welcoming place with friendly staff will immediately put your mind at ease as to the kind of environment you are going to be in.

  • Meeting with the staff and having a rapport with them will let you know that you are in the hands of people who care.
  • Seeing that all of the staff are wearing the correct protective equipment lets you know that they have a high standard of care.

4. Stay calm and ask questions.

A lot of the anxiety borne from dental-work stems from the idea that you’re supposed to sit back and be quiet while all kinds of inexplicable things are going on and being done to you, one after the other. If you’re in pain already and are approached with the high pitched whine of a drill, you’re going to break out into a sweat not knowing what’s about to happen.

The majority of the fear associated with this kind of situation can be allayed simply by having the process explained to you while it’s being carried out. Suddenly, you’re no longer afraid your teeth are going to be drilled out, instead you’ve been told that a small amount of decayed material is going to be removed to ready the problem area for a filling. Oh. Suddenly, armed with a little knowledge it doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Much preferable to the wild, runaway assumptions that come from being afraid. Forewarned is forearmed. Don’t be afraid to satisfy your curiosity when doing so will calm you.

  • Knowing that one particular dentist is right for you will largely be down to how well you can communicate with them. In a high-stress environment, communication is always the key to feeling more at ease.
  • Ask your dentist to explain what they’re about to do before they do it.

When you’re looking for a dentist, the best advice available is to attend to your teeth diligently and avoid the necessity. Brush at least twice a day and supplement with mouthwash.

Look after your teeth at home, and don’t take them for granted.


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