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Spirits Appear In Hollywood – “Do You Understand?”

Theresa Caputo
Theresa Caputo (Photo:: Tom Craig/Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino)

When I heard that the reality show medium, Theresa Caputo, was headlining at Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, I have to admit I was intrigued. I knew she was popular, but I never imagined that she would do a show in a huge arena.

Over the years, I have attended concerts and have seen musical legends like Peter Frampton, KISS, Frankie Valli, Carol King and Patti LaBelle playing to sold out crowds at Hard Rock Live. This one felt different. The audience didn’t come to be entertained. The thousands of people making a pilgrimage to this rock shrine all came in hopes that they would “hear” from a loved one.

There was a crackle in the air and a high level of anticipation. Based upon what I saw, many people in the audience were groups of women that came together. From the looks of it, I got the impression that many a husband was dragged here. Even my SC (show companion) who would have loved to be inside the casino playing 3 Card Poker, was looking forward to the evening.

What would you give to get a message from a deceased parent, child or friend?

Theresa Caputo
Theresa Caputo
(Photo:: Tom Craig/Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino)

Theresa Caputo is everyone’s favorite medium and she has the right connections. I like Theresa Caputo. I like her TLC show, Long Island Medium, and I inevitably cry when I watch her connect with the spirits of the departed. Like everyone else, I would have loved to hear from my daddy. (it didn’t happen)

“The Theresa Caputo Experience”

Before Theresa was about to take to the stage, an announcer asked the audience to rise for the Pledge of Allegiance. Veterans were thanked for their service. And then, Theresa walked on to the stage and the crowd went wild.

Make no mistake, Theresa Caputo is a rock star!  She’s prettier in person and looked fantastic. Tanned and buff, wearing a fitted, black, sleeveless dress and Gaga high heels that sparkled like a disco ball, Theresa was ready for business!

First, she shared how she operates. “To me it’s normal to have spirits talk to me at the foot of my bed. I know you came with lists. I know you are wondering if this shit is real.” Her adoring fans squealed with delight.

By the way, it’s $19.99 to join her fan club. Fans get notifications for pre-sales, book signings and may even get special gift cards to spend on themselves.

Theresa charges $175 for a private reading. If other people are with you,  it’s an additional $50 per person. According to Theresa, all the money generated by her fan club and private readings go to charity. (Meals on Wheels and a veterans’ organization)

How do I look she asks? “Nothing’s more important than your hair or nails,” she exclaimed.  I am certain that the next day, at nail salons across Florida, throngs of women all requested long white Theresa nails.

To make “The Theresa Caputo Experience” user friendly, Theresa has her own video crew follow her every move so that we could all watch and hear the magic up-close.

“I don’t want you having to strain your neck and have to go to the chiropractor and have to shell out a $50 co-pay,” she said.  (She then told the audience that when she used that joke in Canada it fell flat and no one laughed. Turns out that “co- pay” is an American creation.)

Do You Understand?

Up until now, the audience is still holding their breath waiting for Theresa to do her magic.  Will the spirits connect with her? Will we freak out? Yes, the spirits connected with her. Lots of them. Yes, we all sat in our seats stunned. I had tears streaming down my face for most of the show.

Theresa first connected with a family whose son who did not return from his second deployment in Afghanistan. Everything she said to them was spot on. “What about the eagle?” she asked. “Do you understand?”

Turns out the soldier’s best friend got a tattoo of an eagle on the side of his chest in memory of his deceased friend. Bingo! She was just warming up.

For nearly two hours Theresa connected and connected. She consoled families who lost friends and children, tragically. She told a man who was not overly close with his father, but was with him when he passed, that his father loved him very much and knew he paid for all of the funeral costs. Whoa!

At one point in the evening Theresa zipped passed a woman sitting in an aisle seat. She stopped dead in her tracks, did an about face and asked the woman to repeat what she just said.  The word “bullshit” was mumbled. Theresa was not ruffled. She spoke kindly to the woman, hugged her and told her it was OK. The audience applauded. She was back on track. Later, when the woman kept on mumbling, Theresa had enough and asked security to escort her out. They did.

Ever since seeing the show I have not stopped talking about it. I might even shell out the $19.95 to join the fan club and may even see her again.

Theresa Caputo is lovable, delicious, sassy, quick, witty and one tough cookie. She’s the best!

To connect with Theresa Caputo the “normal” way:


Join the Club


Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood


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