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South Florida’s 10 Worst Nursing Homes For Seniors Based On U.S. Data

10 worst nursing homes
Miami’s 180-bed Golden Glades Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was fined $138,841 by the federal government between 2013 and 2015. (Photo: Francisco Alvarado)

At the Floridean Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Miami, a man developed a pressure sore on the bridge of his nose that medical staff left untreated for weeks. In Hollywood, nurses at Hillcrest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center failed to provide medication to a resident who suffered intermittent pain in her chest, shoulders and thigh. Approximately 35 miles south, at the Heartland Healthcare Center Kendall, workers allowed an elderly woman who couldn’t stand on her own to fall and fracture her hip.

For these and seven other nursing homes, incidents of negligent care are so common the facilities have received abysmal reviews from federal health-care regulators. FloridaBulldog.org researched an online database administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to determine the worst nursing homes in South Florida.

We focused on facilities for the elderly within a 100-mile radius of Miami. Medicare.gov, grades each nursing home on a scale of five stars to one star, the lowest score a facility can receive. A nursing home with a one-star overall rating is considered “much below average,” according to Medicare.gov. One-star nursing homes are typically cited for more health-care deficiencies than the national average of 6.9 and the state average of 6.2. Some have paid tens of thousands in dollars in fines.

By Francisco Alvarado, FloridaBulldog.org, Special to SouthFloridaReporter.com, Jan. 27, 2016