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Sobering Data about Alcohol and Accidents in Florida


Drinking and driving are against the law! Drinking plus driving without a license is an even more serious crime and carries severe penalties. Drinking and driving put not just the driver at risk, but they also endanger the lives and property of other people, including all the passengers in the vehicles involved in the crash. 

The maximum permissible percentage of alcohol in your blood is 0.08%. 

Just about every person is well aware of these rules. Unfortunately, that does not deter them from getting behind the wheel. Here are some statistics that will dispel some of the most common misconceptions about alcohol and why alcohol abstinence initiatives like Dry January are needed.

How Much Can You Safely Drink?

If you aren’t quite sure about the maximum alcohol you can consume and drive safely, know that every individual body has different reactions. It is not uncommon for drivers to have impaired abilities at levels well below 0.08%. A woman weighing 120 pounds can have just two drinks and reach the permitted Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) levels. As for men, assuming that you weigh 180 pounds, just four drinks can get you across the BAC. 

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In terms of the exact quantity of alcohol, a single drink is equivalent to a shot of liquor, or one beer that’s 5% alcohol, or five ounces of wine. So you might want to be extremely cautious about how much is “just one drink.”  

Here’s another critical number. Even at 0.08% BAC, drivers have 11 times higher risk of crashing a single-vehicle than a driver with 0% alcohol in their system. At alcohol levels of just 0.02%, visual abilities are affected, so people find it hard to track a moving object. Performing two tasks at one time is also hampered, which directly affects your judgment on the road.

How Serious Are the Fatalities?

Statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that in Florida, each year, there are 839 fatalities in accidents caused by drivers driving under the influence of alcohol. Even more worrying is that while 1.9% of people across the US report drinking after driving, the figure stands at 2.1% in Florida

At the same time, statistics also indicate that raising awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving makes a difference. Various driving clubs and motorcycle groups encourage members to follow traffic regulations and abstain from drinking and driving. Within the last 40 years, there has been a marked drop in the number of drunk driving-related crashes. While the fatality figures stood at 18,125 in 1985, the numbers had dropped to an impressive 10,874 in 2017. 

The connection between alcohol consumption and accidents is undeniable. And, the numbers clearly show how dangerous it is to drink and drive. The next time you have “just one drink,” call a cab or get a friend to take you home.