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Showers and Storms Again

Thursday features a mix of sun and clouds early, followed by mostly afternoon showers and storms.  Highs on Thursday will be in the mid to upper 80s.

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Friday will bring a mix of sun and clouds with more isolated showers and storms.  Friday’s highs will be mostly in the upper 80s.

Saturday will be mostly sunny with a few showers on a brisk ocean breeze.  Saturday’s highs will be in the mid 80s.

Sunday will be sunny and mostly dry, with breezy conditions along the east coast.  Sunday’s highs will be in the mid 80s.

The Columbus Day holiday will feature good sun and a few east coast showers.  Highs on Monday will be in the upper 80s.

In the tropics, there are currently two lows off the Atlantic coast of the U.S.  One off the mid-Atlantic states has a low chance of developing into a depression, but it will bring rough surf, coastal flooding, and windy conditions to much of the U.S. eastern seaboard during the next several days.  The other low is a couple of hundred miles to the south, and it will merge with the first low on Thursday.   Finally, that third low in the central Atlantic has a low chance of developing before conditions become unfavorable later on Thursday.

By Donna Thomas, SouthFloridaReporter.com, certified Meteorologist, Oct. 10, 2019

Donna Thomas has studied hurricanes for two decades. She holds a PhD in history when her experience with Hurricane Andrew ultimately led her to earn a degree in broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University. Donna spent 15 years at WFOR-TV (CBS4 in Miami-Fort Lauderdale), where she worked as a weather producer with hurricane experts Bryan Norcross and David Bernard. She also produced hurricane specials and weather-related features and news coverage, as well as serving as pool TV producer at the National Hurricane Center during the 2004 and 2005 seasons. Donna also served as a researcher on NOAA's Atlantic Hurricane Database Reanalysis Project. Donna specializes in Florida's hurricane history.