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Seven Of The World’s Most Sustainable Cities

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Our earth is a vast place, and it has been a great challenge to keep everything working out well and in order. We all know we are not doing so well in keeping the world in good condition and this is why it is crucial to commend cities or countries that are doing well in making the earth a better place.

These cities can be regarded as sustainable cities because of the efforts they bring towards creating a better environment for our world. They are doing well socially, environmentally, and economically.

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Before a city can be regarded as sustainable, three main factors must come into check, and these three factors include its people, its profit, and the planet. This refers to the living condition of its people, how easy it is to make money in such a city, and how its way of life is helping our planet. With that being said, here is a list of the seven most sustainable cities in our world.


The capital city of England is regarded as the most sustainable city. To reduce greenhouse emission, carbon monoxide, and overcrowding of cars, the government reduced the number of vehicles that enter the city on weekends by increasing the taxes, a regular practice since 2013. Diesel buses have been adopted to reduce carbon emission.

The city also boasts one of the most sophisticated waste disposal strategies. There are various other policies like noise reduction, air quality plan, and waste recycling, which has helped this city to be on the top list of the world’s most sustainable cities.


Our number two on the world’s most sustainable city in the world based on its people and their living condition is Edinburg, Scotland. This city boasts a vibrant and amazing urban life and records one of the lowest crime rates around the world. People in Edinburg can leave their houses or go to bed without locking their doors and still wake up to see their properties just as they left them, and this cannot be said for most cities in the world.


More than 2 million people live in this beautiful capital city of Sweden, and they always get to eat the most organic food you can ever find anywhere in the world. The energy used in Stockholm is highly renewable, and their bottles and cans are not thrown on land or seas but are recycled to make other products, this in-turn reduced their wastes about 40%. Stockholm has also significantly reduced its carbon emissions.


This is an island nation that is located in South Asia, and because of its strategic location, it has a low supply of freshwater but has put good use to their limited supply of water. Some of the methods they use include an excellent way of catching and storing rainwater, the desalination of saltwater, and the recycling of used water. Because of their well-advanced usage of water, the cities experience little to no flooding, and their greenhouse emission reduction is top-notch.


This is a city in Austria that ranks top in climate protection strategy and the recycling of bottles and cans. This capital city is universally known as the first city to have a fleet of buses that are powered majorly by electricity, to understand how electric-powered buses work and how they recharge, you can check some online power reviews. With these buses, Vienna reduced carbon emission and gave a better living condition to her citizens.


The capital city of Norway, Oslo, is another sustainable city because of its plan to turn itself into a city of the future. Oslo is the only city in the world that has a green terminal as its primary airport, where more than 70% of the airport is covered in grasses.

Hong Kong

There are more skyscrapers in Hong Kong than anywhere in the world and with plants on them to help with the environment. It has a very efficient transport system that gets you anywhere in minutes. Its economic is excellent, and profits can be made quite easily and therefore is one of the most sustainable cities of the world based on profit and standard of living. 

We have to agree we need to do more for our world than we are currently doing, and one of the few ways to start is by planting more trees around you and trying to reduce your wastage of electricity and other resources.