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Save Money from Surprise Expenses with Home Warranty Coverage


Picture this: You’ve just bought your dream home.

The house has everything you could ever want or need: wide floor spaces, a big kitchen, and maybe even a pool! To protect your residence, you purchase a home insurance plan. And, for a while, this is enough to give you all the peace of mind that you need so that you can begin to settle into your new home.

As time passes, however, your home appliances and systems begin to wear down. Your pool starts clogging, your roof starts leaking, your dryer no longer actually dries laundry, and everything is just broken. At this point, you probably try to dip into your home insurance to cover the damages—only to be denied your claim.

Turns out, a home insurance plan does not cover the repairs or replacement of your home appliances and systems. Instead, what you need is a home warranty plan.

But what even are home warranty plans? And why do you need them?

What Is a Home Warranty Plan?

Sooner or later, all home appliances and systems break down as a result of natural wear and tear. And this can cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repairs or replacements!

A home warranty plan is a service contract that covers that cost. Different home warranty providers offer different plans that cover different items. But most home warranty plans cover at least the following appliances and home systems:

  • Roof leaks
  • Pool and spa equipment
  • Septic systems/wells
  • Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems
  • Household appliances (dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, etc.)

And so, if your clothes dryer stops working or your pool begins to clog, so long as the damages incurred are covered by your service contract, your home warranty provider should cover the cost of their repair! A process that we’ll dig deeper into as we answer the next question:

How Do Home Warranty Plans Work?

For the most part, home warranty plans work a lot like home insurance plans—in that you must pay monthly or annual premiums to sustain the service contract.

By doing so, when covered appliances and systems in your home need repairs or replacement, you can put in a claim with your home warranty company—who will then call a technician who will take care of the job.

Once the technician arrives at your house, they will examine the damages and decide whether the item should be repaired or replaced. They will also determine whether your plan actually covers the damaged item. And if it does, then all you need to do is pay a small service fee so that they can start repairing or replacing that covered item.

Where Should I Get a Home Warranty Plan?

There are dozens of different home warranty companies that offer coverage plans for homeowners—and different companies offer different perks.

So, depending on what kind of home you have and what kind of coverage you’re looking for, you may prefer one company over another.

As an example, by getting a home warranty plan from Total Home Protection (a home warranty company led by CEO David Seruya) you can get coverage for a broad selection of appliances and home systems at the starting rate of $52/month. Total Home Protection includes customer service, pre-screened hired technicians, and uniquely flexible service contracts.

Why Do I Need a Home Warranty Plan?

No matter how well you take care of your appliances, they will, inevitably, break down over the years. Home warranties are added reassurance. They make sure that you don’t break the bank because of surprise damages—which is especially helpful for first-time homeowners. You may not technically need one, right now. But you are definitely going to want one in place when—not if—all the little realities of homeownership happen.

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