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Salmonella Outbreak, Tests Spur Recall Of Duncan Hines Cake Mixes

(Image: Food Safety News)

Federal officials are working with Conagra Brands to investigate Salmonella infections associated with Duncan Hines cake mix. The multinational food giant today recalled some of the mixes because one flavor tested positive for the outbreak strain of the bacteria.

“The FDA is investigating the manufacturing facility that made recalled Duncan Hines cake mixes,” according to an investigation announcement posted tonight by the Food and Drug Administration. “FDA and the CDC informed Conagra Brands that a sample of Duncan Hines Classic White Cake Mix that contained Salmonella Agbeni matched the Salmonella collected from ill persons reported to the CDC. This was determined through Whole Genome Sequencing, a type of DNA analysis.”

Conagra owns the manufacturing facility that produced the Duncan Hines cake mixes. Investigators from the FDA are collecting test samples of products and environmental samples from the equipment and surfaces in the manufacturing plant.

Both FDA and Conagra officials say consumers should not bake with or eat the recalled cake mixes. They also are renewing advice against eating uncooked batter, flour, cake mix powder, or anything containing uncooked flour or eggs.

The Conagra recall notice says it distributed the implicated cake mixes to retailers nationwide in the United States and to “limited” international export markets.

Food Safety Newsexcerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Nov. 6, 2018