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Royal Holiday Vacation Club and How the Travel Industry is Staying Safe


Travelers are starting to take advantage of outstanding opportunities and deals to check out new places around the world once again.

With some level of restrictions for over a year due to COVID-19, Royal Holiday Vacation Club is still very committed to keeping all its members as safe as possible. The steps they have taken have made the company one of the leaders in staying safe during this time.

What steps have Royal Holiday Vacation Club taken to ensure that every single member can travel without fear? They continue to only partner with other companies taking safety seriously, making it one of the safest opportunities around.

Selective locations

Royal Holiday Vacation Club continues to keep who they work with fairly small compared to a lot of the competition. This is mostly done to ensure that no matter what location they travel to, they will always get a top-notch opportunity to explore a different part of the world. Royal Holiday Vacation Club understands that if a company fails to meet expectations as far as safety and cleanliness are concerned, it will be a bad mark on everyone involved.

Some of the basic, required safety measures with every single company include proper social distancing in common areas, sanitizing early and often throughout each day, and temperature checks when necessary. When possible, capacities have been reduced to ensure that there is more room for travelers fearing they are too close to people outside of their party.

Wearing a face mask is still a top priority in many different locations. As more people get the vaccine, some face mask requirements have started to lift, but the Royal Holiday Vacation Club continues to mandate facial coverage in many common areas.

Building out the Safe Guest Program

There are many health rules still in place around the world for people in public settings. For example, in the United States, people must prove that they are COVID-19 negative before entering or re-entering the country. Getting a test can seem challenging for some, but the Safe Guest Program takes a lot of those worries out of the equation.

Every single member at Royal Holiday Vacation Club can take advantage of the Safe Guest Program. This means getting a more affordable rate for testing when necessary. This also means that if a guest does test positive for coronavirus, they have more affordable and flexible opportunities while they go through quarantine.

It is extremely frustrating and intimidating for many individuals to go through the quarantine process in different parts of the world. With the Safe Guest Program, members do not have nearly the same level of fear.

Keeping up to date with safety protocols

Safety protocols continue to be updated, and Royal Holiday Vacation Club is right on top of everything. Members will continue to have a very safe environment wherever they travel, and new updates will go into effect as soon as they clear.

For more information on the latest from Royal Holiday Vacation Club, visit their website at royal-holiday.com.