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Rock Legend Steven Tyler Makes Young Fan’s Dream Come True (Video)

Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler and Anthony Yorfido (Diane Yorfido/Facebook)

The front man for Aerosmith is all around amazing. From being a multi-instrumentalist, to writing songs and judging a televised music competition, Steven Tyler has proven that he can do it all. On top of it all, Tyler takes the time to personally touch the lives of his fans.

His recent good doing for a fan will have you in tears. After one of his latest show, Tyler got word about a die-hard fan that wanted to attend one of his concerts at the Fallsview Casino (Niagra Falls, Canada), but didn’t get tickets in time before it was sold out. Crushed, the boy just accepted defeat and assumed he wouldn’t be able to attend. When Tyler got news of this incident, he couldn’t help but make something happen.

Anthony Yorfido, the heartbroken fan who happens to have been born with Down’s syndrome, was at the grocery store with his mother, Diane Yorfido, when all of a sudden Steven Tyler comes out of nowhere.

As Diane recounts, she said that she heard her son screaming,

“Oh my God! Steven Tyler, is that you?!”

Steven Tyler
Anthony Yorfido hugs Steven Tyler (Diane Yorfido/Facebook)

After realizing that it WAS indeed Aerosmith’s front man, Anthony then went in for a huge hug. After that, Tyler asked if the two would be attending his show that evening in which Anthony and his mother sadly replied that they weren’t able to get tickets on time.

“Oh don’t worry about that, you guys are coming with me! I’ll get you backstage passes.”

Editorial Note: This video is a must watch and will put a smile on your face!