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We Remember Dan Hodess (1956-2018)

Dan Hodess (Facebook)

We were saddened to learn that retired BSO deputy Dan Hodess passed away this weekend.

Like you, we first  became aware of Dan in April of 1998 when he helped a stranded motorist on I-595 in Broward County.  Fate dealt Dan a tragic blow that day when he was hit by an oncoming car and lost both of his legs.

(L-R) John The Baker and Dan Hodess

Dan’s story made headlines and caught the attention of our friend and Broward businessman, John Scinicariello, owner of John The Baker.

John was moved by Dan’s story and led a community wide campaign to help Dan on his recovery journey. From that moment on, John and Dan became best friends.

Dan’s recovery was remarkable. He learned how to walk and continued to play golf. A few years later he learned how to fly a plane. He was a tough, strong man. He looked like a big teddy bear. In all the years that we knew him we never detected an ounce of bitterness or anger in his heart.

“He was the best friend anyone could ever have,” said Scinicariello.

Dan was a hero’s hero. He was modest and would never admit to being a hero. He was just doing his job. Everyone admired and adored Dan.

(L-R) Dan Hodess and Sol Young

In 2011, tragedy hit our family and Mark’s dad, Sol, had to have his leg amputated. Dan wanted to help and drove in from Ocala to meet privately and talk with Mark’s dad, man to man.

Whatever Dan said went right to Sol’s core and did volumes for his self esteem and recovery. We will never forget that day.

(L-R) Mark Young, Sol Young and Dan Hodess

Our thoughts are with Dan’s wife, Jane and their family during this very sad time.

Dan Hodess was 61 years old.

Terri Lynn and Mark Young

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