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Reinventing Wholesale Food Delivery for Emerging Restaurants (Video)

Running a restaurant is a tough business. In the United  States, 60% of restaurants don’t make it past their first year. Within Florida itself there are more than 40,000 restaurants generating over $40 billion in revenue.

Curating food inventory, dealing with food distributors and managing wholesale deliveries can easily cause wasted time and constant frustration amidst organizational chaos. Learning ways to order quality supplies seamlessly can give small to medium restaurant businesses a competitor’s advantage.

Cheetah, a thriving start-up, is disrupting the trillion-dollar wholesale grocery and foodservice industry by reinventing restaurants’ supply chain. Their mission is focused on SMBs that fall through the cracks:

Cheetah was founded to help you save both time and money. We believe that everyone deserves access to the same industry standard pricing AND the convenience of delivery.”

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With their app, ordering wholesale food from different distributors can be done anywhere with a simple click. Where it takes a restaurant an average of 90 minutes a day to order supplies, it takes an average of 15 minutes with Cheetah’s app. For a rising restaurant business, taking advantage of the way tech is transforming the industry can give an effective leverage.

How it works

Cheetah makes the process of ordering quality supplies from different food distributors as easy as possible: they understand the importance of speed and organization. They shortened the process to four easy steps:

  1. Sign-up with simple instructions
  2. Browse food catalogs and add items to your cart
  3. Place your order and submit before midnight
  4. Receive your guaranteed next-day delivery

Rinse and repeat for the next batch!

A restaurant can also automatically create a customized shopping list to help the re-ordering process go quickly. To save even more money and time, a restaurant can sign-up for a subscription plan and enjoy the ease of all its benefits! To reduce all possible stress, Cheetah notifies its customers when a delivery is on its way.

Why it works 

There are many risks involved in starting a restaurant and Cheetah aims to aid in creating a stable and successful business. Their benefits are limitless as they work to reduce wasted time, offer good prices for quality supplies and provide swift and smooth deliveries: bid farewell to scribbled notes, fluctuation in prices and unreliable deliveries.

Ordering all food supplies from an app provides complete mobility and ease of access. If a manager is running late to a meeting, it is more than easy to pull out their phone on the way and place an order. If there was not enough time to place an order amidst the day’s hustle, there is no need to worry! Cheetah accepts orders up until midnight and guarantees a next-day delivery.

It’s even possible to create one’s own customized guides to make it even simpler to re-order, making it simple to delegate the task to a trusted employee, in turn giving a manager more time to run the business. If any trouble arises, customer support can be accessed anytime, anywhere by app, email, text or call. Rest assured, Cheetah’s customers are in good hands!

With Cheetah all prices are also transparent, so customers know exactly what they are paying for. Prices are miraculously not marked up and are identical to what they are in the store. Cheetah makes sure it’s affordable for every business owner.

Cheetah’s Success

Cheetah keeps its focus clear. Their CEO, Na’ama Moran states,

“We want to empower any restaurant and small business to thrive on their own terms. Business owners can focus on growing their businesses, while we source and deliver their supplies.”

All their decisions are funneled into creating a smooth and organized back of the house, the backbone to a successful restaurant.

Cheetah is headquartered in San Francisco and now helps support thousands of SMB restaurants. Since launching, they have had more than 150,000 deliveries and hold more than 2,000 active customers, servicing more than 10% of restaurants in the Bay Area.

Na’ama Moran believes great restaurants should be great businesses and believes Cheetah gives this advantage. Cheetah is determined to help independent small businesses succeed. In place of a stressful and hectic ordering process, Cheetah ensures smooth and quick transactions free of unexpected pitfalls.