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Reducing Car Accidents in Florida: What Can Be Done?


As people from Florida will tell you, Florida is a dangerous place to drive. According to car accident lawyers in Boynton Beach, there are over 200,000 accidents per year, and the state has the third-highest pedestrian accident rate.

The best way to address a problem is to take preventive action. Here are some considerations that could potentially reduce the number of car accidents in Florida.

Educating Drivers

Florida attracts a lot of visitors, and as much as the state’s economy appreciates the revenue, these visitors might not be familiar with the rules of the road. Whether they are visiting from abroad or another state, they might abide by different traffic laws at home.

Faith Based Events

Visitors should take the initiative to familiarize themselves with rules of wherever they are traveling to. In Florida, for instance, you are usually allowed to turn right on red unless otherwise indicated. A New York driver might not be aware of this rule considering that turning right on red is illegal in their state. The hesitation and confusion caused by these conflicting laws are enough to lead to preventable accidents.

Even native drivers are sometimes unaware of their own traffic laws, making it important to educate the local community as well. Florida should encourage programs such as Graduated Drivers Licensing that allow new drivers to gain experience in a low-risk setting. Making sure that young people have the right education from the beginning will help make the roads safer in the long run.

Lowering Speed Limits Statewide

Speeding is a common cause of pedestrian traffic accidents. It is important for law enforcement to make sure that drivers are respecting posted speed limits. Reassigning speed limits that are more appropriate for specific roads can also help curb the number of general traffic collisions.

Making Sure Vehicles Are in Working Order

Local officials should encourage car owners to have their vehicles inspected regularly. A car with maintenance problems is more likely to malfunction and cause a crash.

Discouraging Drinking and Driving

People often do not consider the danger they put themselves and others in when they drive drunk. There are, of course, laws in place, but it is also important to spread awareness to the community about drinking and driving. Ridesharing services and having a designated driver are both good ways to help drivers make smart choices.

Considering Weather Conditions

Florida is often known for its crazy, unpredictable weather. It is important to know what kinds of weather you are comfortable driving in and to avoid the roads in hazardous conditions. This is another factor that out-of-state visitors should also consider. They might not know how to properly react when faced a certain weather condition or their vehicle might not be equipped to handle heavy rains.

Prevent Distracted Driving

Like some other states, Florida has distracted driving laws in effect. They aren’t, however, among the strictest. States such as California and New York ban the use of any hand-held device while driving, whereas Florida only explicitly prohibits texting.

Not having one’s full attention on the road is a notable contributor to car accidents. There is potential benefit in advocating for and passing legislation that would make distracted driving laws stricter. It is also important for organizations to make the public aware of the importance of focused driving.

Other Actions You Can Take

When you are in the car, you should always wear a seatbelt. If you have a child, equip your vehicle with the right car seat. These measures won’t prevent a crash, but they will help keep you and your passengers safe in the event you are involved in an accident. Through continued awareness and education, everyone can help make Florida roadways a safer place.