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Reasons Why A Washing Machine Won’t Fill With Water

If a washing machine does not take water into the drum and the owner of the appliance cannot determine the reason for it right away, it is not necessary to immediately call the repairman. You can first inspect the washer yourself.

Common reasons

  • Lack of water in the water supply system. It happens that owners set the washing machine timer, but there is no water in the house at the moment of launch. It is easy to check – just open the faucet in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • If there is no water, it means that there are some repair works being carried out somewhere nearby and you just need to wait until they are finished. You will need to stop the program and turn off the device until all the water runs out. If the laundry inside the drum is a little wet, then it needs to be removed in order to avoid unpleasant odor. If there is a little water left in the drum – use the drain mode.
  • Low water pressure – washing machine may pump water very slowly, so you may feel like it is not taking it at all. In order to check whether this is the actual reason, one can simply open the faucet (just as in the previous point).
  • If the water flows slowly, it means that the pressure is the right problem and will have to wait. Modern washing machines automatically signal problems with water supply, and each manufacturer has its own error codes. For example, samsung washer 4e error code signals the lack of pressure in the water supply system.
  • The intake valve is not fully open – it must be switched to a fully “open” position.
  • The water supply hose is kinked. This is especially true if the washing machine is built into the cabinet. If the pressure and the valve are okay, it is worth looking for a reason in the appliance itself.

Water does not enter due to a breakage

  • The door is not tightly closed. If the door does not close as it should – the reason is in the locking device. Guide rail breakage is a frequent consequence of a prolonged and active use of the appliance. The problem may hide in a broken device that locks the door.  If there is a malfunction, the machine displays an error – for example, LG error code dE in LG washing machines indicates an open or improperly closed door.
  • Clogged filter. To fix the problem, you need to shut off the water supply, disconnect the hose and check the inlet valve grid. Before disconnecting the hose, place a bowl or a bucket under it – it will collect the water coming from the hose. Dirt and rust can be easily cleaned. Use a strong pressure of running water and a brush if necessary. Make sure you remove the mesh for thorough cleaning.
  • The winding of the valve got overheated. In this case, you will need to call the repairman.
  • The water sensor has broken. The sensor measures the pressure of air passing through the tube. Information on pressure force settings is indicated on the rear panel or in the manual.
  • The selector switch is broken. It is an important control element responsible for choosing the operating mode of the washing machine. You will need to call a repair technician.


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