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Questions About Rehabilitation Answered: Reliable Health Protection in New York

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Sports are great, and to many people, it means a whole world. Going in for sports regularly gives immeasurable benefits: making out metabolism faster, mood – better, and psychological state – relaxed.

Physical activity is also linked to reducing the rate of more than 20 widespread chronic conditions, which includes cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and, even more than that, some forms of cancer. The scientific ground to take up a sport is very convincing. What about those who love sport with all of their hearts, but are forced to abstain?

There are No Ex-Sportsmen: How to Get Back Into the Swing of Things After a Trauma

Fortunately for sport-lovers, there is a way out. For people who had to give sports, New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, is giving second chances to the injured and sitting-in-the-dugout.

Acknowledged as the best chiropractic and physical therapy center in New York, it has been successfully treating shoulder, low back, mid-back, jaw, wrist, and knee issues, TMJ, headaches, and many more skeletal and neuromuscular disorders. Methods are often combined to reach the best results possible – for instance, osteopathy may be used with physical medicine, chiropractic, or pain management.

Today, with the help of the diagnostic ultrasonography people can get correct diagnoses, know what to treat, and choose the most effective methods. Dr. Lev Kalika with his innovative Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization method is a certified professional, bearing real fruit in the field of medicine.

The approach has already helped people like Jonas Hoegh-Christensen, a renowned Danish sailor, Janko Tipsarević with his serious knee issues, as well as numerous runners and dancers from all over the world.

What Types of Rehabilitation Does the Center Specialize In?

The range is wide, depending on the trauma. Services include DNS and acupuncture, physical and neuromuscular therapy, extracorporeal shockwave therapy and ultrasound procedures, as well as cupping and dry needling services.

The Correct Diagnosis Equals the Guaranteed Effectiveness of Treatment

What sets the company apart from other clinics is its individualized approach, preventive rehabilitative medicine integrated with curing diseases, technologically advanced equipment for collecting accurate data about patients and their conditions (including C.A.R.E.N. – computer-assisted virtual reality environment – one of the most reliable systems for physical rehabilitation).

Moreover, it is years of experience and grateful people who received chances to be active again, despite all the accidents and pains of the past. This running lab in NYC is ready to welcome those who need its help. The only question is – are you ready to receive it?