Psychologist/Wrestler Loses Free Speech Suit Against “Help Me Howard”

Red Roberts

By Buddy Nevins,, for, Sept 4, 2015 – A psychologist, who is a professional wrestler in his spare time, had his free speech law suit against Public Defender Howard “Help Me Howard” Finkelstein put in a sleeper hold this week by a federal judge.

Federal Judge Donald L. Graham ordered the case by psychologist Michael Brannon, who wrestles under the stage name Dr. Red Roberts, closed and all pending motions denied.

The case pitted two courthouse figures who are perhaps better known for their after-hours work.  Brannon is a 6 foot 1 inch, 242 lbs.  local pro-wrestler who started his ring career in 1981.  Finkelstein has had the “Help Me Howard” legal advice show on 7News in Miami for over a decade.

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