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Productivity Hacks For Digital “Solopreneurs”

Any kind of entrepreneur has a lot on their plate and less and less time to finish it all. This is especially emphasized with solopreneurs since they have to do all that alone! It can also often happen that your motivation and productivity decrease during the day or week, and in order to fulfill all your obligations, you need to know how to tap into your productivity and be more organized. 

Start early

You probably like delaying your work as much as you can, but that’s only going to harm your productivity and motivation for work. Almost everyone is more productive early in the morning, and it probably works for you as well.

So, the advice here is to start early and you will have more time and strength to finish everything on time, and there will be a little extra time left for personal matters. It is natural that during the day, you might get sidetracked, but as soon as you notice you’re doing that, you should get back to work immediately, before your lack of productivity becomes an excuse to finish early.

Define your working hours

We do live in a 24-hour society, but all those hours shouldn’t be working hours. That is why you have to clearly define your working hours. This will greatly depend on the type of work you do, but on average 7 to 8 working hours a day will be just fine. You need to leave some time for your family, friends and leisure time, so don’t overwork yourself and your productivity will spike immediately. 

Have time for vacations

When you’re working alone, you will probably forget to take some time for relaxation and going on vacation. When you’re working in a corporation, they give you your vacation because it’s part of their business model, but when you’re a solopreneur, you might forget to schedule it.

 We all need time to unplug and relax, especially if we are working a lot. So, think about that vacation and make sure to schedule it. It can always be at the same time of the year so your clients and other work obligations can know when to expect you to be off. 

Include exercising

In order to stay productive every day, your body will need a boost in the form of exercising. What is more, besides plenty of health benefits, daily exercising can help with your productivity and work in many other different ways. Sometimes, when we exercise we just want to quit because it got too hard. However, when working out you always find the strength to proceed and this ability of not quitting when it’s hard can transfer to your productivity and work. Also, regular workouts will boost your confidence and relax your mind, as well as body stretching, which is also a necessity for a productive day. So, make sure to include regular training sessions in your day, and pick whichever sport you like. 

Use productivity tools and apps

Since you have a lot of work to do on your own, you should rely on technology to help you organize and stay productive. Today, we have so many tools and apps for organization, task management, productivity, and project management, so take your pick and make your workday so much more efficient and smoother. For example, if you need to take notes, you should rely on Evernote, for invoices there is Invoiceable, Skype and Slack for communication and sharing and so on. 

Hire a virtual assistant

Speaking of technology and how it has developed, you can increase your productivity by getting some help. You don’t have to hire an actual assistant if you don’t want to; rather you can support freelancers and other solopreneurs by hiring a virtual assistant. VAs are amazing in taking care of daily tasks that you simply don’t have time for, plus you don’t have to pay a fortune to them.

On average, a good and responsible virtual assistant is paid about $4 per hour. Since they work remotely, they can do all the minor virtual tasks for you, such as scheduling your appointments and meetings, replying to your emails, taking notes and anything else you need to be done over the Internet.

There are dozens of apps and tools that can help you, exercises and clear working hours are a must, and you can always rely on a good VA to help you. So, figure these out and you won’t have any issues with your productivity.