President Trump Gives First TV Interview Since Taking Office; Latest Poll (Video)

ABC News Anchor David Muir Interview With President Donald Trump (Frame grab)

Last night, ABC News aired the first interview with Donald Trump since he became president. Here are some reactions to the late night broadcast.

The SouthFloridaReporter is also posting a link to the transcript of the interview from ABC News.

President Trump has scheduled another interview with Sean Hannity, to air tonight on Fox News.

“Sean Hannity will have a cable exclusive hourlong interview with President Donald Trump from the White House that will air tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

He and Trump are set to discuss the president’s first week in office, the plan for his first 100 days, his upcoming Supreme Court pick, the relationship with the media and much more.”

ABC News: TRANSCRIPT: ABC News Anchor David Muir Interviews President Trump (Video excerpt on website; full 1 hour interview here)

DAVID MUIR: Let me ask you, has the magnitude of this job hit you yet?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: It has periodically hit me. And it is a tremendous magnitude. And where you really see it is when you’re talking to the generals about problems in the world. And we do have problems in the world. Big problems. The business also hits because the — the size of it. The size.

I was with the Ford yesterday. And with General Motors yesterday. The top representatives, great people. And they’re gonna do some tremendous work in the United States. They’re gonna build plants back in the United States. But when you see the size, even as a businessman, the size of the investment that these big companies are gonna make, it hits you even in that regard. But we’re gonna bring jobs back to America, like I promised on the campaign trail.

Washington PostIn his first major TV interview as president, Trump is endlessly obsessed with his popularity

The way President Trump tells it, the meandering, falsehood-filled, self-involved speech that he gave at the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters was one of the greatest addresses ever given.

“That speech was a home run,” Trump told ABC News just a few minutes into his first major television interview since moving into the White House. “See what Fox said. They said it was one of the great speeches. They showed the people applauding and screaming. … I got a standing ovation. In fact, they said it was the biggest standing ovation since Peyton Manning had won the Super Bowl, and they said it was equal. I got a standing ovation. It lasted for a long period of time.”

AOL NewsTrump gets into fiery debate over voter fraud claim in ABC News interview

President Donald Trump doubled down on his call for an investigation into voter fraud during the 2016 election on Wednesday in an interview with ABC News.

“We’re gonna launch an investigation to find out,” Trump said, echoing his Wednesday-morning tweet. “And I will say this: Of those votes cast, none of ’em come to me. None of ’em come to me.”

“They would all be for the other side,” said Trump. “None of ’em come to me.”

USA TodayIn first TV interview, Donald Trump repeats unverified voter fraud, inaugural claims

A lot can happen in five days.

Less than a week into his presidency, President Trump has taken steps to weaken the Affordable Care Act, advance unverified claims about voter fraud and inaccurate media coverage and authorize the construction of a wall along the Mexican border.

Trump sat down with ABC News’ David Muir for the first television interview of his presidency, looking back at how the new administration has rocked the capital and what’s ahead for the nation.

RealClearPolitics: Latest Polls

Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
President Trump Job Approval Gallup Approve 46, Disapprove 45 Approve +1
President Trump Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 57, Disapprove 43 Approve +14
President Trump Job Approval Economist/YouGov Approve 43, Disapprove 39 Approve +4
President Trump Job Approval Reuters/Ipsos Approve 43, Disapprove 45 Disapprove +2
Congressional Job Approval Economist/YouGov Approve 12, Disapprove 58 Disapprove +46
Direction of Country Economist/YouGov Right Direction 29, Wrong Track 55 Wrong Track +26
Direction of Country Reuters/Ipsos Right Direction 22, Wrong Track 59 Wrong Track +37

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