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Post-pandemic Activities Seniors Can do in South Florida


2020 kept many seniors from living their best life and many across the country are eager to get back out and enjoy their golden years. Seniors in Florida were forced to watch the world go by during what is supposed to be some of the best and most enjoyable times of their lives, postponing trips, not being able to see friends and family, and worried about their safety and security. 

If you are one of the many seniors in South Florida who is vaccinated and ready to get back out there, below are some of the post-pandemic activities for seniors in South Florida. 

Go Fishing

Now that life is mostly back to normal, anglers are once again taking to the water, salt and fresh, to take advantage of all the amazing fishing opportunities South Florida has to offer. Seniors who are residents of Florida do not need to purchase recreational saltwater or freshwater licenses, which means you can register and hit the lakes, canals, beaches, piers and open water at no cost to you. All you need to prove your residency is a valid Florida driver’s license or ID card and you can complete the process online. 

Go to a Play

South Florida’s many playhouses and theatres are back in business now that a substantial percentage of the population has been vaccinated. From summer 2021 and beyond, there are myriad theatres throughout South Florida, from Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale to Miami-Dade where seniors can go to catch great local and nationwide productions. 

Dancing Lessons

Now that it is safe for fully-vaccinated older adults to start heading back to enclosed spaces and participating in group activities, why not take the post-pandemic as an opportunity to pick up a dance style you have always been interested in. The Cha-Cha, Salsa, Tango and Ballroom are just some of the many styles seniors have available to them. There is no shortage of dance schools or instructors in a region as culturally rich in music and dance as South Florida. 


If you haven’t already picked up tennis living in South Florida, the post-pandemic era is a great time to start. Tennis is widely recognized by health professionals as a great sport and pastime for seniors because it is good at getting the heart rate up, can be played at one’s own pace by selecting partners that are at one’s level, gets people outdoors, and involves little to no contact. Tennis is a great post-pandemic activity for seniors in South Florida because of just how many clubs there are throughout the region and the many tournaments that they host. 

Go Camping

If you are a senior who is still quite mobile and comfortable spending time in South Florida’s great outdoors, seniors get great discounts at campgrounds. You can go to Bahia Honda State Park in the Keys, C.B. Smith Park, John Prince Park, Easterlin Park, Biscayne National Park and many more

If you are a senior who would like to camp in a little bit more comfort, there are plenty of camping and ‘glamping options and gear you can invest in to make the experience much easier on older bodies. 



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