Poll Shows Half Florida Voters Want Marco Rubio To Run For Reelection!

A just-released poll shows that nearly half of Florida’s voters want U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio to change his mind and throw his hat in the ring to keep his senate seat.

A Mason-Dixon poll released this morning shows a whopping 49 percent of Florida voters, including 77 percent of Florida Republicans, said Rubio should run again for office.

In southeast Florida, a 59 percent of polled voters believe he should run!

Guess they don’t mind his helping his drug-dealing brother-in-law or or his debunked “working class” claims or the dominatrix who claimed she had a kinky night with him or this or this!

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After his failed presidential bid, Rubio has said he won’t run again for his senate seat.

Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, Rubio’s good friend, is running for the seat, but hasn’t excited the populace yet.

Cantera is in fourth place with only 9 percent of likely Republican voters.

However, Rubio said he might consider running if Lopez-Cantera dropped out.

Rubio would have a pretty wide open field if he did.

At the top of the pack of those currently running is Manatee County developer Carlos Beruff with 17 percent of likely voters — which is merely a fraction of the folks who’d prefer for Rubio to keep his seat.