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Pitaya Bowls Are The New, More Delicious Acai Bowls

Image: Ozy.com

Good morning, Hawaii. I just did yoga and I’m starving. Before you roll your eyes, I did all those downward-facing dogs against my will and now I’m in the market for a treat that will clear my mind of ommm. So my boyfriend and I — at this point I’m so grumpy that I’m surprised he hasn’t told me to get lost — walk over to the local shop because I have to get an acai bowl this very minute. Now you can roll your eyes.

But when we arrive, there’s a new blended, frozen fruit treat on the menu. This one is hot pink with barely-there black seed speckles — the pink is so neon you might think it’s artificial rather than au naturel. But this fruit, the store owner tells me, isn’t pasteurized, unlike the acai. Boom, I’m sold. A few minutes and an iced-coffee caffeine kick later, my breakfast bowl arrives. It’s a tropical feast in a bowl. The base is blended pitaya, also known as dragon fruit, and it’s topped with bits of pineapple, mango and passion fruit. There are also crunchy granola crumbles and coconut flakes sprinkled on top, with a drizzle of honey. One bite in, I’ve found a new icy love. Sorry, acai, nice knowin’ ya.

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