Palm Beach Divorce Already Costs $6 MILLION … And It’s Just The Beginning!

Burt and Lovey Handelsman: 67 years of marriage going down the drain! (via Facebook)

In what’s gearing up to be one of the most expensive divorces in Palm Beach County’s history, Worth Avenue landlord Burt Handelsman recently wrote a check for $5.8 million, according to Palm Beach County court records.

And that, according to court records, was just for temporary attorneys fees FOR HIS WIFE  less than a year after she filed.

The 88-year-old Burt’s also been ordered to pay for wife Lovey‘s Amex, according to court records.

Lovey, 87, allowed to run up to $10,000 a month in expenses.

The case centers around the half billion dollar fortune that Burt and Lovey have amassed in the 67 years they’ve been married, as well as their hundreds of businesses and real estate interests from Boston to Key West.

The Handelsmans’ holdings include large swaths of commercial land on Worth Avenue and South County Road in Palm Beach.

By Jose Lambiet,, excerpt posted on, Feb. 16, 2017