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Over Half Of Americans Are Dreading Spring Cleaning This Year (Video)

The average American will spend 57 days of their life cleaning, according to new research. The average American will spend 57 days of their life cleaning, according to new research.

The study of 2,000 people found the average respondent spends 26 minutes cleaning a week ‒ or 1,342 minutes a year.

That’s not to say people are scrubbing away all hours of the day. The average American does a thorough clean every three weeks — with some going even longer than that.

Results found one in 10 will go six weeks or more between cleans, while three in five confessed they only do a complete top-to-bottom clean in the spring and right before the holiday season.

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The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Roborock, revealed 55% of Americans polled think spring cleaning is their most dreaded time of year.

Some would go to extreme lengths to avoid giving their home a rigorous wipedown.
A third would rather go to the DMV (34%) or run a mile (34%) than do their spring cleaning. One in five would sit down for a bad haircut than get their home in tip-top shape.

A large part of the reason respondents groan over spring cleaning is the time it takes. Of those who spring clean, the average seasonal clean will take five hours, but one in five will need an entire workday (eight hours) to get their home in order.

Forty-eight percent confessed to avoiding their home when there’s a spring clean on the schedule, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have strong feelings when it comes to the quality of the job done.

Nearly three in five (59%) get annoyed when they wind up doing the spring clean alone. The top culprits who weren’t stepping up were partners (67%) and children (42%), as named by respondents.

And four in five said they have to do the job themselves to ensure it’s done right.
When it came to chores that respondents hate the most, a quarter named washing the windows inside and out.

Dusting the blinds and windows came in second and dusting shelves in third for the most dreaded chores.

Other despised tasks that made it into the top 10 most hated spring clean chores were cleaning the oven, washing the refrigerator inside and out, vacuuming light fixtures and furniture, washing baseboards and vacuuming the floor.

A spokesperson for Roborock said, “People generally prefer to be spending time on more interesting activities, plus, whatever you clean gets dirty again, so why bother?”

Over half of respondents really don’t like vacuuming and confessed they “dread” the chore.
Seven in 10 wish they had a robot vacuum to take care of their floors so they could relax with their feet up.

“With the right tools, we’ll not only get our house cleaned more easily but also more regularly,” added the spokesperson for Roborock. “Robot vacuums are a great example. Just set-it-and-forget-it and you’re off spending time on far more enjoyable pursuits.”


1. Go to the DMV                             34%

2. Run a mile                                   34%

3. Read Moby Dick                          31%

4. Get a bad haircut                         22%

5. Eat PB+J every day for lunch      16%



1. Wash windows inside and out         26%

2. Dust blinds and windows                25%

3. Dust shelves                                   18%

4. Wash baseboards                           16%

5. Clean oven                                      15%

6. Wash refrigerator inside and out     15%

7. Vacuum floor                                   15%

8. Dust mirror                                      14%

9. Vacuum lights and furniture             11%

10. Clean and disinfect shower/tub     11%

11. Wash kitchen cabinets                   11%

12. Clean bathroom items                    11%

13. Wash window sills                           9%

14. Wash bedding/linens                       8%

15. Flip mattress                                   7%