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Over 770,000,000 Cupcakes Are Eaten In The US Every Year


Each year, December 15th also recognizes National Cupcake Day and National lemon Cupcake Day.  The cupcake was originally known as the 1-2-3-4 cake because the recipe called for 1 cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 3 cups of flour, 4 eggs and also 1 cup of milk and 1 spoonful of baking soda.

The single-serve cake makes it convenient for serving and sharing.  Today there are a variety of recipes and just as many flavors to choose from.

  • The first mention of the cupcake can be traced as far back as 1796 when a recipe notation of “a cake to be baked in small cups” was written in American Cookery by Amelia Simmons.  The earliest documentation of the term cupcake was in “Seventy-five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats” in 1828 in Eliza Leslie’s Receipts cookbook.
  • The term ‘cupcake’ was first printed in ‘Seventy-five receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats” by Eliza Leslie in 1828. The term came about thanks to them being baked in their small molds or ramekins, and soon enough they became popular as a snack cake. And of course, their bite size would help people monitor their cake intake a little better if you were diet-conscious.
  • Original cupcake recipes were not frosted, and usually were usually just flavored with spices or dried fruit.
  • Cupcakes gained popularity in 1919 when Hostess began mass producing them. But they weren’t the cream filled, frosted kind we all know until the 1950’s.
  • Cupcakes started gaining popularity in the early 2000’s when NYC shops like Magnolia Bakery were featured on Sex and the City.
  • The record for eating the most cupcakes in the shortest time is 29 cupcakes in 30 seconds.
  • The world’s largest cupcake weighed over 1,200 lbs and had over 2 million calories.
  • The first “cupcake only” bakery is Sprinkles Cupcakes, opened in 2005. They make over 25,000 cupcakes a day from 11 locations.
  • In the early 19th century, there were two different uses for the name cup cake or cupcake.
  • This is the use of the name that has remained, and the name of “cupcake” is now given to any small cake that is about the size of a teacup.
  • The other kind of “cup cake” referred to a cake whose ingredients were measured by volume, using a standard-sized cup, instead of being weighed. Recipes whose ingredients were measured using a standard-sized cup could also be baked in cups; however, they were more commonly baked in tins as layers or loaves.
  • According to Google, “cupcake recipes” are the fastest growing recipe search.
  • In 1947 cupcakes were re-designed and got the look they have today, thanks to D.R. “Doc” Rice.
  • There are about 400 cupcake bakeries in the United State.
  • Approximately, 770,000,000 cupcakes is eaten in the United State per year.


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