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Our 4 Best 2020 Tips For Digital Marketing – Opinion

As a new decade kicks-off, Kapok Marketing has released its top digital marketing tips for 2020.

1) Improving And Customizing Customer Experiences

Even more than before, in 2020, the customer is king. Hard, high-pressure sales tactics are on a long, multi-year decline in digital marketing; this just isn’t a practical approach to potential customers in the digital arena. The way to go now is to tailor the customer experience to be as positive as possible for the individual. Nothing is more likely to turn a customer into a referrer and recommender than a fantastic customer experience.

But what does it take to wow a customer in 2020? Some evergreen digital marketing principles still apply, of course: smart design, careful brand management, and all the personalization you can handle.

Build a better customer experience in 2020 by combining the latest technology with timeless customer service values. Keep abreast of the tech game but don’t expect it to take the place of personal, human interaction with a knowledgeable service person. Your customers will love you for making the latter easy to reach!

2) Engaging Employees

Make 2020 the year you rediscover the link between satisfied customers and satisfied employees. Your entire digital marketing strategy could be derailed by one disgruntled employee, and that sort of damage can be incredibly hard to undo.

When they’re happy in their jobs and passionate about your business, you can make your employees the face of your brand to deliver that all-important human touch. Remember that potential customers facing a choice between two roughly-equal service providers are quite likely to opt for the company whose employees seem more passionate. You can reap tremendous long-term dividends from an employee-first marketing strategy.

Posts that show off the human face of your business — staff, event, and behind-the-scenes content — are always big hits on social media. This encourages engagement and makes it less likely for your customers to think of your company as a faceless corporate monolith.

Invest in bringing your employees on board with your business’s values so that they will represent them well. Don’t forget to make this extra effort worth their while; your employees aren’t going to have a lot of passion to impress customers with if they don’t feel fairly compensated!

3) Social Media Thrives On Imagery

Things aren’t going to change so much in 2020 that the old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words isn’t going to change. The latest research numbers show that social media posts that include visuals deliver a compelling 180% more engagement than text-only posts. Use images — photos, infographics, or illustrations — to make your messages both more appealing and more understandable.

4) Video — LIVE Video

Make no mistake, your customers are hungry for video content in 2020. But it’s not just any video content: This is the year of Live video. Facebook Live is the clear trendsetter here, with more than two billion views last year.

Video remains one of the most potent educational tools in your marketing line-up. Customers love learning about your products through videos.

Live video amplifies the effect by urging your audience members to engage sooner rather than later. The nagging fear that they may miss out on something amazing is a potent motivator when they see that “live” link!

Jake Braun

Jake Braun is the co-founder of Kapok Marketing and has worked in internet marketing for almost a decade now. He enjoys sharing his thoughts on the subject he loves most.


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