Home News Orlando Shooter’s Father Linked To 5 Corporations (Video)

Orlando Shooter’s Father Linked To 5 Corporations (Video)

The is involved in at least two active Florida corporations, including one filed this year called Provisional Government of Afghanistan, records show.

Seddique Mateen is listed as the sole member of the board of directors of that non-profit corporation, and the address listed is the residence in the 500 block of Southwest Bayshore Boulevard.

The elder Mateen’s Provisional Government of Afghanistan Corporation was “organized for exclusively religious, charitable, educational and scientific purposes.

“Specifically, the organization will mediate and attempt to resolve social and territorial disputes,” records state.

Faith Based Events

The father has thrust himself into the media spotlight, talking sporadically with reporters outside and inside his home since Sunday after his son was identified as the mass shooter at Orlando gay nightclub Pulse.

Dozens of reporters, videographers and vehicles have jammed the area around the home for much of the past three days. Police at times have indicated to those at the house that Mateen wanted reporters off the property, but later, Mateen would come out to address the media.

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