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Orlando Massacre – The Latest (Video)

Friends and family of victims embraced outside Orlando Police Headquarters on Sunday, June 13. Credit Steve Nesius/Reuters

The latest news conference in Orlando by local, state and national officials wrapped up about 8 A.M. today. Here are some of the latest details. You can view the news conference below.

  • The bodies of 48 of the 49 murdered victims have been identified. Authorities continue to notify the next of kin. The names of the victims can be found HEREThis list will be updated as the next of kin are notified.
  • Yesterday it was reported there were 50 dead – that is correct, but the shooter was the 50th person killed and is not listed as a ‘victim.’
  • Once the shooter was confronted by uniformed police officers, a gun battle ensued. The suspect fled into a bathroom. Police believed there were a handful of “hostages” hiding in that room.
  • Police had made a hole in a wall to help rescue hostages. The shooter tried to exit that way and this is where he was killed in a shootout with police. READ
  • The shooter was “calm and cool” during talks with police negotiators.
  • The ATF confirms the two weapons used in the killings were purchased legally. A third weapon was found. ATF says they are working to trace the weapon.
  • Blood drives are being held in communities around the country.
  • GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump is set to speak in Manchester, NH, at 2 P.M. today. According to NBC the topic: Trump Set to Address Terrorism, Clinton Record in Monday Speech.
  • Trump appeared on some of the network morning shows. Trump said, “we need to increase our military response to ISIS.”
  • Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be in Cleveland, OH, early this afternoon for a rally. According to Clinton’s schedule the topic will be: her vision for an America that is stronger when it is united.
  • The FBI confirmed this morning they had investigated the Orlando shooter TWICE. The agency is looking into those prior investigations to determine if anything could have been overlooked.
  • The US Attorney’s office said investigators are looking at whether anyone helped the shooter.
  • CNN is reporting the shooter had been trying to buy “body armor” several weeks before the attack. The vendors denied to sell him the body armor.
  • Speaking on both CNN & MSBC, Senator Bill Nelson says ” there are a couple of potential legal remedies that should be addressed in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting Sunday morning that led to 49 people being killed.” Read more HERE
  • How you can help

The cable networks continue their wall-to-wall coverage of this tragedy. 




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