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Online Poker: The Card Game Taking Over Gambling in Florida


Florida has become one of the most important poker hubs in the United States. It ranks high among states such as Nevada, New Jersey and California. The Sunshine State has a large number of gambling venues, making it a popular poker destination. As a result, players can perfect their abilities in various live poker venues around the state.

The introduction of iGaming has seen players switch to the more convenient online poker games. Players can now access online poker tournaments and win real money with relative ease. However, unlike other poker hotspots, online gambling is not permitted in Florida. Thus, there are restrictions on online poker games in the state.

There are various alternatives available to Florida players. One such option is online poker sites that welcome players from different locations. Committed players looking to play poker online in Florida should check out Top10PokerSites for reviews of top legal real-money poker sites in Florida

Online Poker In Florida

Rules on internet gambling in Florida are nothing short of confusing. The lack of clarity essentially means the state is still a long way off fully legalizing online poker. Much of the issue generates from the compacts made with the Seminole tribe. As a result, there are only two options to legalize internet gambling: Getting approval from the Seminole tribe or “going around” the tribe.

The first scenario would be an ideal option. However, the Seminole’s stance has made it difficult to reach an agreement. In 2019, the Seminoles raised the subject of legalizing online gambling in Florida. Again, they requested exclusive game rights. This would grant them the license to partner with operators and provide online casino games in Florida. All efforts, however, proved futile as tribal leaders and lawmakers ended talks.

This continued anonymity has led to some exploring the second possibility; bypassing the Seminoles. Few legislators are now deliberating on gambling proposals without considering the Seminoles. Whichever decision is ultimately made, the road to state-regulated online poker still looks to be a long one.

Current Status of Online Poker in Florida

The online gambling laws in Florida are very unclear. This is because there is none. No section of the Florida law addresses online gambling. As a result, it leaves room for different interpretations. This was followed by the 2019 attempt to negotiate a new compact with the Seminole tribe. If successful, this would have made all forms of online gambling legal in Florida. However, the Seminoles wanted exclusive rights. Negotiations ultimately fell through and no one got the gaming rights.

Can You Play Online Poker in Florida?

Can you play online poker in Florida? The simple answer is yes. Floridians have access to different legal poker sites. These sites are regulated in the Caribbean, Central, and South America. These sites not only accept most US-based players, but they also identify Florida as a safe state. Thus, creating a new account is as easy as possible. Furthermore, online tournaments are offered by sites based in US states where online poker is legal. You can participate in tournaments from the states of New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

The Future Of Online Poker In Florida

In 2021, Florida introduced a new gaming bill, SBP7082. Analysts have speculated that the new bill will alter how gambling is regulated in the state. Take live poker rooms, for example; the new bill relaxes the standards required to operate them. Remarkably, it still doesn’t address the issue of regulated online gambling in the state. Furthermore, no current efforts indicate that online poker will be legalized soon. Currently, setting up an online casino in the state is considered a second-degree misdemeanor.

For several years, there have been numerous talks about online poker regulations. These arguments are still going on currently. As a result, while an online poker bill may be submitted in the next few years, nothing is certain. Land-based casinos also pose another major roadblock to online poker being legalized. There’s a growing fear that iGaming would take over the gambling market. While this is an understandable fear, it’s almost a non-factor.

Florida is the third most populous state in the US and most of its residents love gambling. If you’re looking for a live poker game in Florida, there are plenty of options to choose from. Most of the state’s casinos offer Texas Hold’em, Omaha and other variations of the game.