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It’s Official: Bill Gates Gobbles Up Entire Wellington Street For $37 Million!

Bill Gates
Bill Gates Street in Wellington (GossipExtra)

For the richest man in the world, a $9 million-house on a posh street is unlikely to satisfy.

So, the privacy-obsessed Bill Gates wanted something grander and, like Pacman, the gobbled up every one of  his neighbors’  properties until, two weeks ago, he  completed one last sale that bought him a WHOLE STREET in Wellington.

The über rich don’t want houses anymore!

They want streets, like a real life game of Monopoly.

For months, Gossip Extra has been telling you how the Microsoft giant has been purchasing the properties around 3155 Mallet Hill Court, the home he bought for $8.7 million in 2013.

The last transaction just closed.

Since March, Gates has spent $28 million to buy the properties of five of his neighbors.

According to Daily Mail Online, Gates paid two to three times what some of the properties were appraised for, just so he could get the privacy he desired.

“He is all about privacy,” said Stuart Roffman who was the first to sell his land to Gates.

Roffman’s former property at 3060 Mallet Hill Court was adjacent to Gates, and Gates paid $13.5 million to secure it.

Here’s what he got and when:

March 2016: Purchased 3060 Mallet Hill Court for $13.5 million

April 2016: Purchased two vacant lots at 3128 Mallet Hill Court for $4.97 million

May 2016: Purchased 5.2 acres at 13715 Quarter Horse Trail for $8.7 million

June 2016: Purchased 3094 Mallet Hill Court for $2.5 million.

Gates and his wife Melinda‘s daughter Jennifer first brought them to the area.

Jennifer was in Wellington training to be a world-class show jumper.

That’s when the Gates first rented 3155 Mallet Hill Court for the insane price of $500,000 for four months!

By Jose Lambiet, GossipExtra.com, posted on  SouthFloridaReporter.com July 2, 2016