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Obama, Bush To Address Interfaith Memorial; Hundreds Arrested (Video)

Frame Grab from Raw video of riot police moving in on Baton Rouge protestors (NOLA.Com

According to the White House, President Obama will meet privately with the families of the slain Dallas police officers Tuesday. Then the President, along with former President George W. Bush, will address an interfaith memorial service. Laura Bush and Vice President Joe Biden will be in attendance.

In the latest developments, Dallas Police Chief David Brown says the shooter, Micah Johnson had plans for a “wider attack.” According to the New York Times, “evidence showed that MicahJohnson, 25, an African-American Army Reserve veteran who told the police that he wanted to kill white officers, had been practicing detonations and that the explosive material had the potential “to have devastating effects throughout our city and our North Texas area.”

“We’re convinced this suspect had other plans and thought that what he was doing was righteous,” Chief Brown said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” Watch the interview HERE.


(ReutersThe mass shooting amplified a turbulent week in the United States, which was again convulsed by the issues of race, gun violence and use of lethal force by police.

Even as officials and activists condemned the shootings and mourned the slain officers, hundreds of people were arrested on Saturday and Sunday as new protests against the use of deadly force by police flared in U.S. cities.

Protesters faced off with police officers wearing gas masks on Sunday evening in Baton Rouge. Media, citing Baton Rouge police, reported that at least 48 people were taken into custody after demonstrators clashed with police following a peaceful march to the state capitol.

In St. Paul, Minnesota, 21 officers were injured on Saturday when they were pelted with rocks, bottles, construction material and fireworks.

(Guardian) During a weekend of protests over killings by police, more than 160 people were arrested in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where demonstrations continued to grow over the fatal shooting by officers last week of Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old African American, as he was pinned down during a struggle.

Military-style vehicles, teargas and smoke grenades returned to American streets for the first time this summer, and Barack Obama appealed for calm and said those who attack law enforcement undermine the cause of social justice.

Among the protesters arrested was DeRay Mckesson, a high-profile national leader in the Black Lives Matter movement. Police said Mckesson was arrested for blocking a street even as video he was livestreaming at the time of his detention indicated that he was off the roadway. He was released from custody late Sunday with a charge of “simple obstruction of a highway of commerce”.

Dozens more protesters were detained by police during protests in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore and Phoenix, where police used teargas and pepper spray to disperse crowds.

Three countries have warned their citizens to stay on guard when visiting U.S. cities rocked by the protests.

A candlelight vigil is set for 8 p.m. on Monday in Dallas City Hall plaza.

(TVLine.comIn the wake of Thursday night’s Dallas sniper ambush that left five police officers dead and others wounded, MTV News and BET News are teaming for a town hall discussion to air live from MTV’s Times Square studio tonight at 10/9c.

Raw video of riot police moving in on Baton Rouge protestors. NOLA.com via YouTube


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