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Now Your Suit Can Match Your IKEA Wallpaper. Wait, What? (Video)

(Picture: IKEA)

Are you obsessed with the print on your new IKEA wallpaper? Well, now you can actually dress like it. If you are a balls to the wall kinda person. Susana Victoria Perez (@susana_vp) has more.

Ikea might have the best meatballs and provide hours of endless fun but it’s not known for its clothes. That’s because the Swedish superstore has never sold any clothes…until now. The furniture retailer is now teaming up with tailor William Hunt to create a bunch of unique, limited edition suits using Ikea textiles and fabric. That means the prints you see on the suits have been inspired by items available at the store, like bed linen, wallpaper and chairs. And they actually look pretty rad.

It’s all in an attempt to encourage people to bring personality into their home simply and affordably by using textiles. Fashion is always evolving after all, so there’s no reason it can’t take inspiration from home interiors. ‘I love the idea of people taking fashion and style and embracing it by taking it further into their homes.’ said William Hunt. ‘Our partnership with Ikea is important as we are encouraging the public to push themselves just a little, and to show off their character in their own homes.

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