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None Of The Beatles Could Read Music

June 25 is a day someone may want to hold your hand and ask you to please, please be true because they love you yeah, yeah, yeah. Global Beatles Day or GBD commemorates The Beatles’ music and their shake-up of the music world.

Some of the dates that mark the Beatles’ development until that 1967 broadcast on the program “Our World:”

  • 1957 – teenager John Lennon performs with the Quarrymen perform and then brings in Paul McCartney who was 15 at the time.
  • 1960 – the group first played together publicly in Hamburg, West Germany for 48 nights before moving to another venue. George Harrison was deported for being under 18 and not having a work permit to perform.
  • 1960 – May, the band changes its name to the Silver Beatles.
  • 1960 – August, the Silver Beatles change their name to the Beatles.
  • 1960 – April,  bass guitarist turned painter Stuart Sutcliffe dies of a brain hemorrhage at the age of 21.
  • In August, Ringo Starr is invited to join the group permanently. Interim drummer Pete Best is fired the next day.
  • 1962 – The Beatles’ released their first single, “Love Me Do,” a number-one hit in the USA.
  • 1963 – The Beatle’s first album, “Please Please Me” was released. It was followed that same year by the release of the album “With The Beatles.”
  • 1964 – The album “Introducing The Beatles,” and “Meet The Beatles” were released within days of each other. Then “Twist and Shout” is released followed by “The Beatles Second Album,” and “A Hard Day’s Night.”
  • 1965 – “Help” and “Rubber Soul” were released.
  • 1966 – “Revolver” was released.
  • 1967 – “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” is released. One month later, on June 25, The Beatles perform their song “All You Need is Love” on the BBC program Our World.


  • In 2018, Cuba used the occasion to put on a Beatles film festival
  • The Beatles have sold more than 600 million albums across the world
  • In the United States alone, they have sold over 1.6 billion singles
  • They have knocked themselves off the number one position in the UK chart twice
  • The Beatles have won seven Grammy Awards
  • Their song “Hey Jude” spent 19 weeks in the charts
  • They have had more number-one hit singles on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart than any other band, with 20 number ones
  • In the UK, Beatles albums spent 174 weeks at the top of the charts in total
  • “Yesterday” is the most covered song in history; it has been covered over 3,000 times.
  • The Beatles got the idea for their name from Buddy Holly and The Crickets.
  • The band liked the idea of using the name of an insect as a band name, and they were fans of Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Because John Lennon loved puns, he altered the spelling of “Beetles” to “Beatles.”
  • The teenage John Lennon was infatuated with Elvis Presley. When the Beatles became famous, their manager, Brian Epstein, arranged for them to actually meet Elvis in America. Although the meeting was friendly enough and the musicians had a brief jam session, Lennon thought that Elvis was disinterested in talking with them and that he wasn’t especially engaging in person.
  • The two frontmen of the Beatles had an unusual agreement where they would both get songwriting credits for tunes that only one of them had written.
  • The Beatles met Bob Dylan during their 1964 tour of the United States, and the singer-songwriter offered them some cannabis to smoke. They enjoyed the experience, and all four Beatles began smoking marijuana on a regular basis.
  • 1967 – First International Broadcast – The Beatles performed their hit, “All You Need Is Love” on the BBC program “Our World.”
  • 2013 – The Beatles released 59 recordings on iTunes called, “The Beatles Bootleg Recordings 1963.”
  • The Beatles had 20 singles that topped the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.
  • They released 12 albums, 13 extended plays, and 22 singles.
  • With sales of more than 600 million records, they are the best-selling music artist of all time.
  • In January of 1962, The Beatles auditioned for the British record label Decca Records. However, the label rejected the band because one of the executives thought that “groups of guitars are on the way out.”
  •  One of the most surprising facts about The Beatles, however, is that none of them could read sheet music.


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