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New Trends in Contemporary Bedroom Sets

Planning to redecorate or redesign your contemporary bedroom? New trends on contemporary bedroom sets are definitely what you need if you want to transform your bedroom into a new haven. Remodeling or giving your bedroom a new look isn’t easy especially if it is your first time doing it. It is something that you have to take time and effort to assure that you are doing the right thing.

1. Eco Bedroom Style

If you love nature then the eco-style modern bedroom is the best choice.  Soft bed or wooden bed headboards with natural fabrics are prime examples of modern bedroom in a contemporary style that offers a warm and comfy feeling. Adding them with light colors along with urban style simply brings that fresh wherein you are closer to nature.

Your modern bedroom will never be the same anymore particularly if you add a touch of nature such as bringing in the greens of nature. When you add indoor plants, it will not just adds the beauty of the bedroom but helps in cleansing the air, which means you can expect a bedroom that is fresh and inviting.

2. A Mixture of Scandinavian and Vintage Bedroom

The fusion of two incredible bedroom design ideas is one of the new trends of contemporary bedrooms.  The Scandinavian decor style is known for its clean vibe and casual vibe characteristics.  Vintage bedroom designs are a reflection of bedroom styles of yesteryears. Combining these two impressive styles can surely provide you a hip and classy modern bedroom.  

3.  Go Bold with Black and White

Classy and elegant are the best words that can describe the colors black and white.  When you combine them, it is expected that they will have that impressive look if done right.  Combining these colors in various elements of your bedroom such as bed, bedding, curtains, nightstand, drawers, pillows, lampshades, and other decorative items can definitely provide that timeless and magnificent design.

4. Upholstered Walls

Who said that upholstery is only limited to home furnishings? One of the most effective ways of how you can have a new contemporary bedroom is by adding upholstered walls.  Upholstered walls are perfect if you have a high headboard. This is something that you will surely love if you want to have a bedroom that is an embodiment of full luxury.  This can provide your room with a unique element that cannot be seen in other modern homes.

5.  Minimalist Bedroom

If you don’t have a big bedroom then going through the minimalist way is definitely the best. This contemporary design for your modern room basically focused more on straight lines, simplicity, harmony as well as the use of neutral colors.  

With a minimalist design, it allows you to get the space you need. Expect a sophisticated and elegant room that can be more functional as compared to other rooms.  A modern bedroom that influenced by minimalism will surely result in a more sophisticated space.

6. Oriental Japandi

Want to go oriental? Then Japandi or Japanese design is definitely the right one. When it comes to new trends in modern bedrooms, it is one of the most preferred by most interior decor experts.  Minimalist is one word that describes this design along with elements such as clean lines, minimal clutter, and neutral colors. Mixing this design with a Scandinavian design will make it stand out even more.