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New Instagram Features To Help Grow Your Business


In the last month Instagram launched three new amazing features. These are the best for growing your Instagram likes effectively for your business. Video chats, music stickers, and questions are the new features which can be used in IGTV video channels and Instagram stories.

Here’s a guide:

  1. IGTV for video content
  2. Instagram Direct for video calling
  3. Add different soundtracks using amazing Instagram stickers to your Instagram stories
IGTV for video content

Having great video content on Instagram can gain you a significant presence on IGTV. You can use any editing software, or special cameras, for the videos. Typically, the length of these videos will be 10 minutes, but from some verified accounts, you can make a video of 60 minutes too. IGTV video channels can bring huge opportunities for businesses to showcase their services and products.

You showcase your products and services, and share some editorial content. Use the video to tell people who you are and what’s the significance of your brand. You need to use Instagram to keep in communication with your followers.  If you do not have many followers, then you can visit Instagrowing to buy followers for Instagram to grow your brand quickly.

Instagram Direct for video calling

Instagram now has live video calling/chatting availabile. This new feature can be used for video chats with as many as 4 people in the chat room.

It means if you want to contact through video chat to someone you have to send that person some messages on Instagram direct message first.

Add different soundtracks to your Instagram stories

Using Instagram stickers added to your “stories” allows you to have some fun in unique  ways.  Now, you can also select from any of the millions of music tracks available to add to the mood of your story. A lot of influencers are now using this feature to create a cinematic feel into even a short video.

Instagram is playing an important role in growing your business and followers.