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New Forensic Analysis Indicates Bones Were Earhart’s (Video)

Famed aviator Amelia Earhart looks out from the cockpit of her plane in a circa-1936 picture. (Harris & Ewing Collection, Library of Congress via University of Tennessee)

A new scientific study says the mystery of Amelia Earhart is 99% percent solved, according to Fox News. Veuer’s Sam Berman has the details:

A forensic anthropologist is claiming bones found on an island in the South Pacific likely belong to Amelia Earhart. The results, published in Forensic Anthropology, were first announced in February; the University of Tennessee, Knoxville issued a new press release on Wednesday.

The scientist, Richard Jantz, used photographs and measurements taken by seamstresses along with a software program called Fordisc to come to his conclusion; Jantz is the director emeritus of the University of Tennessee’s Forensic Anthropology Center.

The length of the arm and leg bones are more similar to Earhart’s than they are to 99 percent of 2,776 others used as references, as are other measurements that show the woman to whom the bones belonged may have had a physique like Earhart’s. This “strongly supports” the conclusion that the bones are Amelia Earhart’s, Jantz wrote in the paper.

An earlier assessment in the 1940s determined the bones, found on the island of Nikumaroro, were male. A 2015 study found that that initial conclusion could have been right; Jantz wrote that more modern techniques may provide a more reliable answer.

Newsweek, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Mar. 8, 2018

Video by Veuer/Sam Berman


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