Home Business Nestlé Launches A New Chocolate Bar Using Sugar Reduction Technology (Video)

Nestlé Launches A New Chocolate Bar Using Sugar Reduction Technology (Video)

Sugar Reduction
Milkybar Wowsomes (Image: Nestle)

Thanks to a genius idea in the UK, Nestlé has managed to slash the calories but still keep chocolate just the way we like it, sweet. Nathan Rousseau Smith has the story.

The food giant Nestle unveiled its first chocolate bar that showcases the company’s new sugar reduction technology.

The firm announced in 2016 that its researchers had managed to change the structure of sugar using only natural ingredients.

Milkybar Wowsomes are being advertised with 30 percent less sugar and go on sale in the United Kingdom and Ireland next week. The white chocolate bar will contain no artificial sweeteners.

Nestle said in a press release Tuesday that its scientists created “an aerated, porous sugar that dissolves more quickly in the mouth.”

It’s made by spraying a mixture of sugar, milk powder and water into warm air. “The milk stabilizes the spray-dried sugar and stops it becoming too sticky”, Nestle added.

The Swiss multinational claimed that its patented process will allow those eating the chocolate to taste the same sweetness but using less sugar.

The company said it now plans to apply the technology to more children’s chocolate brands.

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Video by Buzz60/Nathan Rousseau Smith