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National Relaxation Day Was Founded Back In 1985 By A Fourth-Grader At The Time

National Relaxation Day on August 15th encourages us to slow down and unwind. It’s a day to focus on taking care of ourselves and take a moment to relax.

National Relaxation Day is an important day as we all need a break from the fast-paced and often hectic lifestyles we live. Taking time to recuperate and rejuvenate our tired minds and bodies may help prevent many health risks, too. As the founder of this day suggested, too much work can make us sick, run-down, tired and that’s just wrong.

  • National Relaxation Day was founded back in 1985 by Sean Moeller. He was only a fourth-grader at the time.
  • This is the perfect day to reduce stress, minimize anxiety and just generally chill out and enjoy life for once!
  • 1908 – Dr. Edmund Jacobson studies relaxation. Starting at Harvard University and then moving on to Cornell and the University of Chicago, with research aimed toward improving the general well-being of humans.
  • 1920s – Jacobson’s Relaxation Technique is introduced. In helping patients deal with anxiety, Dr. Edmund Jacobson believes that relaxing the muscles can help to relax the mind as well.
  • 1975 – The book “The Relaxation Response” is released. Offering meditation practices that can be connected to daily activities, this book by Benson & Klipper becomes very popular for patients of clinical psychologists.
  • 1983 – Frankie Goes to Hollywood releases the song “Relax”. Though popular with young people, this song doesn’t sit well with the sensors and BBC ends up banning it. Even so, the song remains in the top 40 charts for 37 weeks.
  • 1985 – First National Relaxation Day is celebrated.  Proposed by Sean Moeller, a nine-year-old from Michigan, National Relaxation Day is first observed.
  • 1986 – Ferris Bueller takes it easy and skips school in the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”
  • 1988 – Alex Carswell patents the modern stress ball.
  • 2009 – Mika releases his hit single ‘Relax, Take It Easy.’
  • One thing to do on this date is to have a digital detox. Use this day to put away your mobile phone, unplug from the computer, and stay away from social media.
  • Stress can be a severe problem and can cause havoc in your mind. Relaxation can be a great way of reducing stress and improving your mood.
  • Stress makes it more likely to get sick. You can reduce the number of trips to the doctor by keeping your cool.
  • We have discovered that regular relaxation can reduce blood pressure. Recent research showed that 64% of those who meditated lowered their blood pressure sufficiently after three months.
  • Numerous scientific studies have concluded that regular relaxation can improve mental health and reduce stress-related symptoms. These conditions include anxiety, depression, headaches, pain due to fibromyalgia and insomnia, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • A 2010 study revealed how brain relaxation neurons work together to improve memory. The study found that people’s brains form more explicit, lasting memories when completely relaxed.
  • Another study concluded that relaxation techniques such as meditation or Tai Chi could improve a person’s movement and can contribute to psychological well-being. Relaxation improves a person’s emotional state and that can lead to a better overall mood.
  • Many people swear by the power of meditation in helping decrease stress and improve our well-being. The best thing is that you can meditate anywhere! A good place to start is by downloading one of the many apps that guide beginners through the practice of meditation.
  • Learning to breathe more deeply can help you feel a lot calmer. It takes just a few minutes and can be done anywhere
  • Spending time outside and in green spaces can be great for your physical and mental health.
  • Those stress-induced chocolate cravings may be justified after all. Studies show that eating dark chocolate may lower levels of stress hormones. Cocoa is rich in a class of antioxidants called flavonoids, which have been linked to many health benefits. Researchers also say dark chocolate appeared to have beneficial effects on the participants’ metabolism and microbial activity in the gut.



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