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National Double Cheeseburger Day Is Hard On The Waistline

National Double Cheeseburger Day

One of America’s favorites, National Double Cheeseburger Day is observed annually on September 15th.

When one beef patty with cheese tastes so amazing, the only thing left to do is double it and give it a day to be celebrated.  Whether it’s grilled on the patio or enjoyed at the local burger joint, National Double Cheeseburger Day is the day to have one.

From Foodimentary

Here are today’s five thing to know about double cheeseburgers:

  1. The oldest fast food restaurant in the world is the White Castle franchise, which opened in 1921.
  2. The people of America eat more burgers out at restaurants or on the go than they do at home.
  3. The largest hamburger ever created was over 8,000 pounds and was cooked for a burger festival in Wisconsin.
  4. However, the hamburger in its current form, with ground beef and a bun, is a decidedly American creation.
  5. Hamburgers are made of beef, not ham, and there is much debate over whether they actually originated in Hamburg.



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