Mystery Broward Sheriff Candidate Gives Campaign $500 Cash

“Mystery Man” Edison Jules

By RedBroward Special to SouthFloridaReporter, June 13, 2015 – Florida election law prohibits candidates from accepting cash contributions over fifty dollars. Section 106.09(1)(a) states, “A person may not make an aggregate cash contribution…to the same candidate or committee in excess of $50 per election.” According to the law, anyone who accepts more than $50 in cash, “commits a misdemeanor of the first degree.” Accepting more than $5000 is a felony.

According to his latest campaign financial report filed with the Broward Supervisor of Elections office, Mystery Broward Sheriff candidate Edison Jules gave his own campaign $500 in cash.

It’s easy to understand the Jules’ campaign ignorance of Florida election law.

Jules claims to live in a Plantation luxury apartment building. REDBROWARD revealed Jules is registered to vote at a dilapidated Sunrise home.

On January 27, 2015, Edison Jules registered to vote in Broward County as a Democrat. Jules listed the Plantation apartment at 1600 SW 78th Avenue as his mailing address. Jules stated he lived at 11701 NW 29th Street in Sunrise. This Sunrise home is for sale “as-is.”

A real estate website claims the home is full of issues: “Possible Roof Damage, Possible Mold Damage, Possible Roof Leaks. Pool is cracked, needs to be filled or redone. Property being sold As-Is.”

When REDBROWARD visited, no one answered the door but dogs were barking.

A neighbor told REDBROWARD that several people have lived there over the last six months. The neighbor said he believes “A Mayor from Jamaica” lives there.

According to Linkedin, Jules claims to be a police officer/producer living Ohio and New York. REDBROWARD exposed Jules’ questionable lawsuits against his Ohio employers and the foreclosure case on his Ohio home.

Ohio records show Jules lost his Groveport home in 2013. Bank New York Mellon started foreclosure proceedings against Jules and his wife in October 2011. Throughout the legal process, official legal documents were delivered to Jules at a New York address.

Perhaps Jules needs a Florida based campaign treasurer. REDBROWARD reported Jules’ campaign treasurer, Katherine Antequera, is a New York plus-sized model. Antequera also used the same Plantation address.

The problem with cash contributions is nobody can very the source of the funds. Sure, Jules could have taken $500 big ones out of his piggy bank. But, what if a lobbyist slipped him a wad of cash?

Some may say $500 bucks isn’t a lot of money, but it could buy lots of bumper stickers, yard signs or a tray of chicken cacciatore from the local cafeteria.