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Mysterious, woman-shaped figure spotted on Mars


By Mark Young, SouthFloridaReporter.com Managing Editor, Aug 10, 2015 – I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a fascination with space exploration. My fascination began about 58 years ago, when Russia sent the Sputnik satellite into orbit. Many believe there are other life forms out there. Ten years ago, NASA sent various exploratory missions to see what’s out there. We’ve seen pictures from Pluto, Ceres and Mars, among others.

Now, well, it’s scary to think we may not be alone in the universe. This latest picture from NASA makes you wonder.

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By Max Knoblauch, Mashable, Aug 10, 2015 –  NASA’s Curiosity Rover took an image of the Red Planet and captured a shape that bears a resemblance to a mysterious ghost lady walking on the planet’s surface. The level of resemblance is almost certainly relative to your desire to believe in extraterrestrial life.

Take a look at the full raw image below, available within Curiosity’s enormous collection of images.

Raw Image (NASA)
Raw Image (NASA)


  1. I can see through the “woman” so I think it could be a wisp of dust or something of that nature. Unless this is a ghost it is not a living humanoid. Still love the shots of Mars and we should continue to look for life on the fourth planet. Below the surface would be more promising IMO.