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Motorcycling Without Helmet Sees Rise in Florida’s Road Fatalities


Florida has been named the most dangerous state for riding a motorcycle. A study by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration reveals that Florida has seen a rise in motorcycle fatalities due to many motorcyclists not wearing helmets.

The study found that fatalities rose by 30% from 2014 to 2015, with 606 motorcycle fatalities and at least 9 motorcyclists left with injuries after a crash. But while Florida may boast the worst fatality figures for motorcyclists, road crashes across the U.S. are the leading cause of deaths in people aged between 2 and 34 years old.

Despite the grim statistics, when it comes to motorcycling, Florida’s roads aren’t really known for death-defying twists and turns. But what Florida’s roads do have are beautiful ocean views to enjoy as you are cruising along. Florida is home to some great motorcycle roads and offers year-round biking and that’s why many riders load up their motorcycles and head to Florida during the winter.

To keep Florida’s roads safe is the responsibility of every road user. From wearing the correct safety gear to completing a rider training program, motorcyclists must be a responsible rider if they want to ensure that they don’t become another road crash statistic.

Motorcycle Helmets Prevent 37% Fatalities

Experts say that wearing a motorcycle helmet can prevent 37% of motorcycle deaths and are 67% effective in helping motorcycle riders avoid lasting brain injuries. But despite the importance of wearing a helmet, Florida overturned its helmet law back in 2000, which has seen a drop in riders wearing protective helmets on the road.

In its research, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration found that during the study, just 47% of motorcycle riders were actually seen wearing a protective helmet while out riding.

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

Getting the right motorbike for you is an important part of road safety. The motorcycle market is extensive and not every motorcycle will be suitable for you or Florida’s roads. So make sure that the type of motorbike you’re riding suits your experience level and your build. Always wear the correct safety gear at all times, such as helmets, protective clothing, and sturdy, closed-toe footwear.

Remember that if you crash or come off your bike, the only thing between you and the ground is what you are wearing. Completing a motorcycle safety and training course will ensure you are competent to be on the road and above all, always use good judgment when riding and respect other road users.


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